As an end towards this vision we aim to stimulate a breakthrough in cryopreservation of internal organs directly applicable to organ transplantation and tissue engineering, saving the lives of millions of patients.

Furthermore, thanks to burgeoning advances in tissue engineering, cryopreservation could also provide a way for people to store and manage replacement organs grown from their own stem cells instead of waiting on a compatible donor.  Regenerating organs could allow over 30% of all deaths in the United States to be substantially postponed, raising the probability of living to the age of 80 by a factor of two and the odds of living to 90 by more than a factor of 10.1.

By building on prior work by the X-prize foundation and advisors at, for instance, Stanford, 21st Century Medicine, and the SENS foundation we plan to launch an Organ Cryopreservation Prize – a large-scale, high-profile, incentivized prize competition to stimulate investment in research and development worth far more than the prize itself.

The 1927 Orteig prize and the 2004 Ansari X prize catapulted aviation and private spacetravel forward by being the catalysts behind Charles Lindberg’s New York to Paris flight and SpaceShipOne’s demonstration that spaceflight could be done by small scale, private sector teams.  Based on current advances in cryo-preservation, we believe that a similar large-scale, high-profile, Organ Cryopreservation Prize, will catalyze audacious, but achievable results that will lead to a revolution in organ cryopreservation.